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Meet Natalya Brown, LMT

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Peaceful minds and bodies are powerful. Yet, our busy lives take a toll that often results in major stress and fatigue. 

What I do is simple; I help clients reclaim their much needed time for wellness and recovery.


Building on my passion for helping people be at their best selves, I provide a wholesome massage therapy experience in a calm and peaceful environment. From relaxation massage, to more specialized sessions like muscular injury therapy, or prenatal massage, I would be thrilled to be your wellness partner.

Natalya is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas (MT134236). Her life-long passion is restorative health and wellness. 

Before moving to the United States with her family, Natalya was a nurse practitioner and physical therapy specialist for 17 years at the Health Center - Bronchoscopy Department, in Sevastopol.

She has a general nursing degree from the Medical College of Jenya Derugina in Sevastopol, Russia. She also has specialized certification in physical therapy. 

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