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In Greek mythology, Epione (ep-ee-OH-nay) was a goddess, considered to be the personification of care and recovery. 

Epione Therapy evolved from this persona of nurturing and restoration into a bespoke massage therapy private practice centered around physical healing and mental wellness. At Epione, we focus on continuing client relationships, in order to provide long-term, customized care.

Some of the known benefits of massage include:

*Significant reduction in stress and anxiety*
*Reduction in muscle pain*
*Great improvement in joint flexibility and range of motion*
*Strengthening of your immune system*
*Improved circulation of blood and lymph to better supply the body with oxygen and nutrients*
*Helping to lift depression by promoting a feeling of well-being*
*Helping the body rid itself of toxins*
*Helping the body recover from injuries and post surgical adhesions*

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